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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

China’s civil aviation industry to implement air traffic control system and runway safety programs


Following requirements from the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), the Civil Aviation Administration of China this year will prepare the relevant documents and measures needed to prevent runway incursions, as well as establish a corresponding air traffic control system and runway safety programs.
The CAAC requires that the Tower Control units establish an air traffic control runway safety group in order to come up with work plans to prevent runway incursions. The plans must include the following elements: 1. Research and analysis of local airport runway’s security status 2. Recommend measures to reduce the risk of runway invasions 3. Tailor air traffic control procedures in accordance with the airport’s operations to prevent runway incursions 4. Report all the relevant information concerning runway incursion incidents and; if necessary, establish communication mechanisms between airports and airlines to resolve these issues. CAAC Deputy Administrator Wang Liya said that this year the air traffic control system will begin to implement measures to prevent runway incursions at several smaller airports in eastern and south central China and then expand nationwide. At the same time, delegates from China visited the United States to learn about preventative runway incursion training, and returned to China to hold 2-3 runway incursion training seminars.

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