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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Capital Airport Group to speed up hub planning


Due to the global financial crisis, the Beijing Capital International Airport’s international passenger throughput has decreased in the first quarter of 2009.
A meeting on March 27th took place to deal with the financial crisis, and to promotion Beijing International Capital Airport as the hub of international air routes. The meeting brought together CAAC’s Director General for International Cooperation, and Director Generals for Transportation and Airports Dept. Capital Airport Customs, Beijing Border Control and Quarantine Office, CAAC’s North China Bureau and other work units, to discuss how to speed up the hub-building of the Beijing International Capital Airport. A consensus was reached after exploring BICA’s internal and external environment, hub planning and development: 1. Capital International Airport and airlines need to actively work together to promote the hub building; 2. Use the airport’s management responsibilities to build a better communication and cooperation platform; 3. We should actively seek the support of the Joint ICQ Units, and constantly work to simplify transit procedures; 4. Raise the level of transit service to attract transit passengers and strive to increase transit ratio; 5. Improve the operating efficiency of the ground to shorten the amount of aircraft taxi times. 6. Optimize the allocation of flight time, and vigorously promote the construction of flights waves 7. Study the competitive airports,analyze their strengths, and identify differences; 8. Dig deeper to discover the potential of the aviation market, and strongly expand our international route network.

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