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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Knowledge, Skill and Integrity Equal Pride


Aviation requires many different professions in order to operate safely. Those who are visible to the public are seen and given just recognition. If these people perform and act professionally they present a positive image to the public for their respective country. But there is one group of professionals in the aviation industry that are not seen by the public yet they can be a very valuable asset as well as a source of great pride. These professionals do not seek recognition due to the very nature of their craft. But the importance of the responsibilities these craftsmen carry can reflect positively to a nation politically, technically and financially as well as reflect toward a nation’s pride and image.
I am talking about China’s skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). These men and women who maintain China’s worldwide fleet of aircraft require knowledge, skill and integrity to accomplish their many important tasks. The responsibilities of providing safe, airworthy aircraft throughout China’s aircraft maintenance community are not carried lightly. Through every environment Mother Nature can provide the Chinese AME must diligently perform their duties to the highest standards. Yet after more than 100 years of aviation these skilled professionals have been taken for granted or almost completely forgotten by history. The AMTSociety is an organization dedicated to promoting the craft and profession of today’s AME. One way this is being accomplished is by holding the Maintenance Skills Competition (MSC) which is an event where teams of AMEs from around the world can compete against each other and showcase their knowledge, skill and integrity. In doing this these AMEs not only raise the public’s awareness to their profession and craft but also show the world the pride their countries have in the highly technical world of aircraft maintenance. By entering a team, or teams, in the MSC China is able to show the technical skills that their AMEs possess. These skills indicate to the world the importance that China places on an industry that has a global reach. China’s political power and image is viewed, in part, by her military strength. This strength is possible through the contributions of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers throughout the Chinese military. The high level of technical skill that Chinese AME practice on a daily basis help to not only elevate the standards by which the AME craft and profession holds itself to but it also elevates how countries around the world view China’s aviation industries. With 500 airports, 35 heliports across China coupled with China’s growing aviation community the Chinese AME is a valuable part of China’s technical image around the world. The major research and manufacturing centers of China’s aerospace industry reach across Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai and Nanchang. China’s list of aerospace manufacturing is long and distinguished. The Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company Limited (GAMECO) is a major player on the world stage of aircraft maintenance. Now China is entering space exploration and will be a major contributor to human research and travel in space. All of these accomplishments have a common thread that make them successful… the Chinese AME. Having skilled AMEs enables China to be financially productive in the aerospace industry. From manufacturing military, civil and commercial aircraft to providing line and overhaul maintenance throughout the aviation community ensures a prosperous financial footing in these sectors which in turn indicates China’s leadership when it comes to aircraft maintenance. There is a way to showcase China’s professional AME work force and solidify China’s role as a world player in the aerospace community. The AMTSociety is an organization that was created to promote the craft and profession of all Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, WWW.AMTSOCIETY.ORG. One way the AMTSociety is accomplishing this goal is by creating the Maintenance Skills Competition (MSC) which is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center during the Aviation Industry Expo. The MSC is a competition where teams of AME and AMTs compete against each other in events that highlight just some of the many responsibilities that today’s AMEs and AMTs possess in order to provide safe, airworthy aircraft. There are five categories that teams may enter; Commercial, General Aviation, School, MRO/OEM and Military. Chinese AMEs entering any category would certainly bring well deserved pride and honor to their respective companies and to China herself. There are 5 AMEs to each team with four who will physically compete in 12 events. The fifth AME is designated the team’s Coach and does not physically compete but rather provide verbal guidance and assistance with any required maintenance manual references, wiring schematics or reference material. The 4 AMEs competing will accomplish 12 events ranging from basic safety wiring and wheel and brake removal and installation to electrical and avionic troubleshooting as well as turbine engine troubleshooting and flight control rigging. Each event is given 20 minutes to be completed. An AMEs score for each event will be the total time used from the allotted 20 minutes plus any penalties assessed in the form of minutes which are given by the respective event’s judge. The events to be competed in are provided by companies and organizations within the aviation maintenance community. Such sponsors are Continental Airlines, American Airlines, the Nida Corporation, the United States Air Force and the United States Navy to name a few. The times from all 12 events are added together to give a team their overall score. The teams with the fastest combined times will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Awards in each of the five categories. The AMTSociety does not promote one group of AMEs or AMTs over another because each team competing is the epitome of what today’s AME and AMT profession represents and that is knowledge, skill and integrity. These characteristics are the basis for all who maintain today’s aircraft and having an event like the Maintenance Skills Competition will provide China an opportunity for the world to sit up and take notice of her country’s proud and honorable AME workforce. For Chinese companies and organizations that are interested in competing on the world stage of aircraft maintenance during the AMTSociety’s 3rd Annual Maintenance Skills Competition which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the Aviation Industry Expo on March 16 – 18th, 2010 please contact AMTSociety Director Kenneth MacTiernan and Maintenance Skills Competition Chairman at [email protected] or at (972) 691-2325.

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