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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Li Jian led the safety inspection of the CAAC Northeast China Regional Administration with an inspection team


On June 11th and 12th 2009, Li Jian, Deputy Administrator of the CAAC Administration, led an inspection team to inspect the safety of several divisions of the CAAC’s Northeast China Regional Administration. The inspection team consists of Director Wang Zhaoming and Section Chief Li Jicheng of the Aviation Safety Office of the CAAC Administration, Deputy Director General Zhang Jianqiang of Flight Standards Division, Deputy Director General Zhou Kaixuan of Airworthiness Division, Deputy Director General Shao Daojie of the Airport Division and Director Zhang Lizhi of the Air Traffic Control Office. The inspection focused on the implementation of the “Three Movements” scheme of safety production at the related units of the region. At first, the inspection team attended the safety work briefings of the CAAC’s Northeast China Regional Administration, and then held an informal meeting on safety work, which included the briefings for China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd and Jilin Branch of China Southern Airlines and discussions about some crucial issues with regards to safety work. After the meeting, the inspection team checked the China Civil Aviation Administration of Liaoning, the SOC, Flight Division and Cabin Division of North Branch of China Southern Airlines and China Southern Shenyang Maintenance Base. In the meantime, several members of the team inspected the safety work of the aircraft examination center, Liaoning Airport Group Corporation and the Air Traffic Control Division of the CAAC’s Northeast China Regional Administration. After the inspection, Deputy Administrator Li Jian appreciated the work of the CAAC’s Northeast China Regional Administration and gave some requests for its next work: firstly, safety supervision should be concentrated more on finding innovative ways of supervision and strengthening supervision. Secondly, the supervision over the treatment of hidden dangers must be strengthened according to the laws when the laws and regulations are not sound and complete at present and the task and object of supervision keep changing. Thirdly, the government’s responsibilities of leading safety supervision should be conscientiously implemented, studied and discussed further. Fourthly, flight training must be reinforced and improved. At present, the flight training must be well carried out especially in relation to the precautions against bird hazards, lightning strikes, halt in air, turbulence in air, tail crash and other events. The training must stick to high standards and strict requirements. Fifthly, the relationship between safety and interest, short-term and long-term should be correctly dealt with and the discipline of “Safety First” must be adhered to all the times. The authorities directly responsible for any serious safety problem should be investigated for their responsibilities in all earnestness.

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