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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Beijing Capital Airport and Domodedovskaya Airport Become Sister



During the 4th China Overseas Investment Fair, Beijing Capital International Airport (Beijing Capital Airport) and Moscow's Domodedovskaya International Airport (Domodedovskaya Airport) signed the Memorandum on Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd. and Moscow Domodedovskaya International Airport Co., Ltd. Becoming Sister Airports and officially established relations of friendship and cooperation. General managers of the Capital Airports Holding Company and Domodedovskaya International Airport Co., Ltd. and other officers concerned with the deal all attended the signing ceremony.

According to the memorandum, the two parties will enhance cooperation and exchange in the areas of hub airport construction, airport planning, airport management and other related areas, as well as push forward the two parties' exploration and practice of adding flights between China and Russia, so they may continually develop the fast growing Asian aviation market and create an efficient and convenient bridge for exchanges between China and Russia.

Moscow's Domodedovskaya International Airport is the largest airport in Russia and has a terminal, a cargo building and three runways. In 2011, the airport's passenger throughput was 25.7 million people. In Russia, Moscow's Domodedovskaya International Airport is an unique airport, as it can accommodate the A380 aircraft. There are 84 airlines that are operating locally and Transaero Airlines, Ural Airlines, Moskovia Airlines, S7 Airlines and other several airlines, 8 total, that are based at the airport.

Currently, Beijing Capital Airport has become sister airports with 22 airports all over the world, including Hong Kong International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Narita International Airport, Manchester Airport, Munich Airport and other major airports around the world.

近日,在第四届中国对外投资合作洽谈会 上,首都机场与莫斯科多莫杰多沃机场共同签 署了《北京首都国际机场股份有限公司与莫斯 科多莫杰多沃机场管理有限公司缔结姊妹机场 备忘录》,正式缔结友好合作关系。首都机场 集团公司总经理、莫斯科多莫杰多沃机场管理 有限公司总经理等领导出席了签约仪式。

根据《备忘录》,双方将在枢纽建设、 机场规划、机场管理等诸多领域进一步加强合 作交流,并推动双方在中俄航线拓展等方面的 探索与实践,不断开拓快速发展的亚洲航空市 场,为加强中俄往来架起一座顺畅高效的空中 桥梁。

莫斯科多莫杰多沃机场是俄罗斯最大的机 场,拥有1 个航站楼、1 个货站楼和3 条跑道, 2011 年机场旅客吞吐量为2570 万人次。莫斯 科多莫杰多沃机场是俄罗斯唯一能够接收空客 A380 机型的机场,目前共有84 家航空公司在 本场运行,拥有俄罗斯全禄航空、乌拉尔航空、 莫斯科航空、S7 航空等8 家基地航空公司驻 场运营。

截至目前,首都机场已同包括香港机场、 雅典机场、樟宜机场、温哥华机场、成田机场、 曼彻斯特机场和慕尼黑机场等在内的22 家机 场建立了姊妹机场关系。

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