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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

New Domestic Terminal in Xishuangbanna Airport is Put into



The new domestic terminal in Xishuangbanna Airport was put into operation in late November. As an airport connecting South and Southeast Asia, the expansion of Xishuangbanna Airport will push forward the development of the air transportation industry and transnational tourism in the greater Mekong Sub-region.

Xishuangbanna Airport is an airport architecturally designed with heavy influence from the culture of the Dai Nationality. The new domestic airport has a floor space of 33 thousand square meters. The newly completed ramp has a floor space of 59.6 thousand square meters with 8 gate positions. The newly constructed parking lot utilizes an area of 34 thousand square meters. There are also supporting facilities for cargo storage, fire fighting, drainage and power supply system.

Before the expansion, Xishuangbanna Airport was designed to be a medium hub airport acting as the main access to South and Southeast Asia. It was planned in accordance to the 4D standards with a total investment of 987 million yuan. The newly established domestic terminal has 18 gate positions and can accommodate 13 sorties landing and taking off and 24 sorties operating on the ground during peak hours, with a passenger flow of 2,400 people.

Xishuangbanna Airport was formally put into operation in 1990 and in 1996 was approved by the Port Administration Office of Xinjiang to be a port airport. Now there are 16 domestic air routes and 2 international air routes operating in Xishuangbanna Airport. It is estimated that the annual passenger throughput will exceed 2.2 million people in 2012.

西双版纳机场新国内航站楼11 月下旬 正式启用,作为连接东南亚、南亚的口岸 机场,西双版纳机场本次改扩建将促进大 湄公河次区域的航空与跨国旅游合作。

具有傣族建筑文化特色的西双版纳机 场新国内航站楼建筑面积为3.3万平方米, 同期建设停机坪5.96 万平方米,新增机位 8 个,新建、改造停车场共2.4 万平方米, 配套建设货运仓库、消防、给排水、供电 系统等设施。

西双版纳机场本次改扩建定位为中国 通向东南亚、南亚的中型枢纽机场,按照 4D 类等级机场规划,总投资9.87 亿元。 新建成的国内航站楼有18 个停机位供飞机 停场使用,并保证小时跑道高峰起降量13 架次,地面运24 架次,高峰小时旅客流量 2400 人。

西双版纳机场于1990 年正式通航运 营,1996 年经国家口岸办批准为口岸机场。 目前,西双版纳机场有国内航线16 条,国 际航线2 条,2012 年的旅客吞吐量预计将 突破220 万人次。

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