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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Bijie Feixiong Airport Starts Operation



In mid-June, China United Airlines flight KN2733 from Beijing to Bijie touched down at the Bijie Feixiong Airport, marking not only the airport’s start of operations, but also the entrance of China’s remote Wumeng Mountain region into the modern transportation era.

The airport is located in the Shuangshan New District in Bijie, a city of China's Guizhou province, and is a Category 4C regional civil airport. The construction of the airport started back in May of 2011 with an estimated investment of 1.05 billion Yuan. Today, the airport occupies an area of 1.61 square kilometers.

The Bijie Feixiang airport is yet another addition to southwest China’s fastest growing and most integrated system of regional airports. The floor space of the terminal takes up an area of 7 square kilometers, and can accommodate up to 500,000 passengers per year. By the year 2020, passenger numbers are expected to reach 200,000 per year, along with an estimated 2,980 takeoffs and landings.




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