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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Mudanjiang Airport Starts Succeeds in Test Flight With the PBN Program

牡丹江机场 PBN飞行程序验证试飞成功


In early June, an Airbus A320 belonging to China Southern Airlines made a steady landing at the Mudanjiang Hailang Airport (Mudanjiang Airport), which signifies the success of the proving flight for the airport’s PERFORMANCE BASED NAVIGATION PROGRAMME (PBN Program).

The program is expected to improve the performance of the airport, promote the reasonable use of its airspace, accelerate the launch of more flights, and ensure the sustainable security of the airport as well as to further support the local economy.

Two systems, the regional area navigation (RNAV) and the required navigation performance (RNP), combine to form the PBN program, which is crucial for the optimization of the airport’s airspace structure and the enlargement of its airspace capacity. Through its implementation, the program promises a substantial increase in flight safety, system capacity, airport efficiency, and airspace utility. It also allows for a break from the restrictions associated with traditional ground navigation technology, thus making previously limited airspace capable of handling more routes and aircraft. Most importantly, the new procedures, which further ensure the safe landing of aircraft by guaranteeing adequate horizontal and vertical separation between them, will bring about a higher level of safety and accuracy to their approach and landing.




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