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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Master Plan of the Shiyan Qudangshan Airport Gains Approval Will be Categorized as a Regional Airport

十堰武当山机场总体规划获批 定位支线机场


The master plan of Shiyan Wudangshan Airport has gained approval from the CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration and the Shiyan Government.

The plan is a programmatic document for the development of the Wudangshan Airport and clears all stages of the airport's construction work. It is also provides an important basis for the airport's land use control, airspace clearance protection, industrial layout and urban planning control. According to the master plan, to meet its short-term demands the airport will be rated 4C and will be constructed to accommodate 900 thousand passengers and 2.7 thousand tons of cargo annually by the year 2020, followed by 1.2 million passengers and 3.7 thousand tons of cargo by 2025. In order to meet long-term demands by the year 2045, the airport will eventually be rated 4D and able to accommodate 3.04 million passengers and 10 thousand tons of cargo annually.

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