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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Domestic AC311 Light Helicopter Has Been Issued the Type

国产AC311 轻型直升机获型号合格证 已售62 架


At the end of June, the AC311, developed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) received the type certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). At the issuing ceremony, The Shaanxi GA Investment Co., Ltd., AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation, China National Aero-technology Input & Export Corporation and China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co., Ltd. signed orders with the AVIC Helicopter Co. to purchase 62 AC311 series helicopters.

The AC311 is a light, general, single-engine helicopter with a rating of 20,000 tons and is developed by the AVIC China Helicopter Research and Development Institute and the Changhe Aircraft Industries Group Co., Ltd., which are both subsidiaries of the AVIC Helicopter Co. The AC311 is a China-made helicopter with intellectual property rights belonging to China. The AC311 helicopter can accommodate 6 persons, has a payload capability of 900 kg, a maximum take-off weight of 2,200 kg, a maximum cruising speed of 242 km per hour, a maximum flying distance of 620 km and a maximum flying time of 4 hours.

The AC311 helicopter is used widely in flight training, business flights, police and law-enforcement, communication conducting, aerial photography, ocean monitoring, disaster relief, power line inspection, forestry fire control and other related tasks.

6 月底,中国航空工业集团公司(中航工业) 自主研制的2 吨级AC311 轻型民用直升机获得了 中国民用航空局颁发的型号合格证。在颁证现场, 中航直升机有限责任公司(中航工业直升机)分别 与陕西通航投资发展有限公司、中航国际航空发展 有限公司、中航技进出口有限责任公司、中国飞龙 通用航空有限公司签署了62 架AC311 系列直升机 订单,标志着AC311 直升机开始规模化进入市场。

AC311 是2 吨级单发轻型通用直升机,由中航 工业直升机旗下中航工业直升机所和中航工业昌飞 联合研制,具有自主知识产权,在同类机型中达到 当代国际先进水平。AC311 直升机可乘坐6 人,有 效载荷900 千克,最大起飞重量2200 千克,最大 巡航速度242 千米/ 小时,最大航程620 千米,最 大续航时间4 小时。

AC311 直升机可广泛应用于飞行训练、公务飞 行、公安执法、通信指挥、航空拍摄、海洋监视、 抢险救灾、医疗救护、电力巡线、护林防火等各种 通用航空领域。

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