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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

China's First Village-Established GS Company Begins Operations



The village of Huaxi, in the Jiangsu province, has been honored as “China's number 1 Village”. Recently, the general aviation company of the village of Huaxi was put into operation. Using two helicopters, the village of Huaxi will operate scenic flights and emergency rescues around the Yangtze River Delta region.

China's first village-established general aviation company, Jiangsu Huaxi General Aviation Company Limited, is set up by the village of Huaxi, in the Jiangsu province. The establishment of the company was approved early in July of 2011 by the CAAC East China Regional Administration. Approval to begin operation did not happen until July of this year, by the same administration. The initial investment of this village-established GA company was 100 million Yuan. During the set-up phase back in July of 2011, the company had already had an A S350B3 helicopter and an MD 902 helicopter. The operation base for the company is at the Jiangyin Huaxi Helicopt.

The village of Huaxi was approved by the CAAC to focus its operation on the business of tourism by use of their two helicopters. Using the Jiangyin Huaxi Helicopt as their base of operations, the flight altitude is below 3,000 meters high.

被誉为“中华第一村”的江苏华西村组建 的通用航空公司通过民航局审定,已于近日开 航。华西村将用两架直升飞机主营长三角地区 的空中游览及应急援助。

由华西村组建的中国首家村办通用航空公 司——江苏华西通用航空有限公司,早在2011 年7 月就被民航华东局批准筹备,并于今年7 月下旬被民航华东局批准正式开航。这家村级 通用航空公司初期投资1 亿元,2011 年7 月筹 建时就拥有了一架A S350B3 型直升机和一架M D 902 型直升机,基地机场为江阴华西直升机场。

民航局批准华西村以2 架直升机主营旅游 业务,航线以华西村通航机场(起降点)为中心, 飞行高度3000 米以下。开航初期主要为华西村 的旅游提供增值服务。

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