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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

CAAC Issues Production Certificate to the Shenyang Aircraft

中国民航局为沈飞颁发L162 型飞机生产许可证


In late August, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the Production Certificate to the L162 aircraft of the AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. This is the first time that the CAAC has issued a Production Certificate to a domestic company that produces foreign civil aviation aircraft. The L162 aircraft, produced jointly by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the Cessna Aircraft Company has begun sales.

The L162 is a plane with two side-by-side seats. Developed by the Cessna Aircraft Company, a general aircraft manufacturer in the United States, the L162 is categorized as a light sport aircraft. The widest airframe of the aircraft is 1,120 mm. The empty weight is 377 kg. The longest endurance is 5.8 hours. The L162 is mainly used for preliminary pilot training and for personal entertainment. In 2007, the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the Cessna Aircraft Company signed an agreement to be the sole provider of this aircraft. The Shenyang Aircraft Corporation was involved during the entire manufacturing of the aircraft, from development to quantity production. In 2009, the L162 was successfully developed in Shenyang and had a successful maiden flight. In 2010, the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation fulfilled its mission of manufacturing 100 L162 aircraft and in 2011, it manufactured 200. Currently, over 300 L162 have been delivered. All of the L162 manufactured have been sold to the northern America market.

The L162 is the only general aviation aircraft that has 100 units produced currently. Now that the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has been issued the Production Certificate by the CAAC, the L162 can now be sold in the Chinese market.

8 月下旬,中国民用航空局(简称“民航局”) 向中国航空工业集团公司(简称“中航工业”)沈 阳飞机工业(集团)有限公司颁发L162 飞机生产 许可证(PC 证)。这是民航局首次为在国内生产 外国民用航空产品颁发的生产许可证。同时,沈飞公司与美国赛斯纳公司联合制造的L162 飞机开始 了国内销售。

L162 飞机是并排两人座飞机,由通用飞机制 造商美国赛斯纳公司于2007 年开发的轻型运动飞 机,机身最大宽度为1120mm,空重约377kg,最 长续航时间为5.8 小时,主要用于飞行员初级培训 和航空爱好者个人飞行。2007 年,沈飞公司与赛 斯纳签约,成为该机全球惟一供应商。沈飞公司参 与了该机研制到批量生产全过程。2009 年L162 飞 机在沈飞研制成功并实现首飞,2010 年,沈飞公 司完成了100 架的生产任务,2011 年完成200 架 生产任务,目前已交付300 多架。这些飞机均销售 到北美地区。

L162是目前国内惟一量产过百架的通用飞机。 沈飞公司获得中国民航局颁发的生产许可证后, L162 飞机便可以在国内市场销售。

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