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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

China's First Flight Service Station to be Located in Hainan



In early November, after being approved by the State Air Traffic Control Commission, China's first flight service station has been established and is located in Dongfang, in the Hainan province. This flight service station is expected to provide flight plan examinations and approval, alarm information, meteorological data, flight support and other related services to general aviation clients, in order to secure the safety, convenience and efficiency of general aviation flights.

This station will provide services for general aviation activities in the airspace over Hainan province and airspace over the offshore areas of the Hainan province. It will serve helicopters, small fixed-wing airplanes, dynamic parachutes and other general aviation aircraft.

11 月上旬,经过国家空管委等相关单位的验收,全国首个航空服务站正式落户 海南省东方市。该服务站将为海南地区通用航空用户提供飞行计划审批、告警信息、 气象数据、飞行支援等服务,保证通用航空飞行的安全、快捷、高效。

该服务站将全面覆盖海南陆地及近海区域,主要服务区内的直升机、小型固定 翼飞机、动力伞等低空通用航空用户。

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