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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

China's First All-Composite Business Aircraft Has Rolled off the

中国首款全复合材料公务机下线 并获8 架订单


In the middle of November, the AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Zhuhai in honor of the Primus 150. The Primus 150 is China's first all-composite business aircraft with the intellectual property rights owned by China, and has rolled off the production line. The AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. signed an order at the ceremony to sell 8 Primus 150s.

Tan Ruisong, general manager of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, along with Meng Xiangkai, chairman of the AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. and relative officers from the Ministry of Finance and Guangdong Province and some of the shareholders of the AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. were all in attendance at the ceremony.

The Primus 150, a new 5-to-6-seat, single-engine, turboprop, allcomposite light aircraft is developed by the AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. in accordance to both the CCAR23 and the FAR23. As a globeoriented business aircraft, the Primus 150 is also the first general aircraft developed by the AVIC after the opinions of the State Council and the Central Military Commission regarding the Deepening of the Reform of China's Low-altitude Airspace Management was issued. The aircraft was designed with a strong focus on private flights and business aircraft operators.

In June of this year, the development of the Primus 150 was officially approved by the AVIC who fully accelerated the process. Among similar single-engine aircraft all over the world, the Primus 150 has the fastest top speed. The aircraft is simple in structure, light in weight, high in speed, safe, comfortable and economical. Its maximum speed can reach 600km/h and the maximum range can reach 2,500 km. Daring attempts at exploration had been made while designing the structure and selecting the materials for the aircraft. The whole airframe had been made of carbon fiber composites, which significantly improves relative performance indexes. The aircraft has a friendly interface, an advanced avionics system, easy-to-use control mechanisms and quality interior furnishings, such as comfortable leather seats, noise-proof honeycomb layers and a positive pressure cabin, which fully marks a perfect combination of aviation technology with modern aesthetics.

11 月中旬,中航工业通用飞机有限责 任公司(简称“中航工业通飞”)在珠海基 地举行领航150 飞机原型机下线揭幕暨签约 仪式,中国首款具有自主知识产权的全复合 材料轻型公务机总装下线,并在现场签订8 架启动用户订单。

中国航空工业集团公司(简称“中航工 业”)总经理谭瑞松、中航工业通飞董事长 孟祥凯,以及财政部、广东省、中航工业通 飞股东方面等有关领导出席了下线揭幕暨签 约仪式。

5-6 座全复合材料单发涡桨轻型公务 机领航150 飞机,是中航工业通飞同时按照 CCAR23 部和FAR23 部,面向全球开发的一 款新型飞机,也是中航工业集团在国务院、 中央军委《关于深化我国低空空域管理改革 的意见》发布之后立项研制的第一款通用飞 机,主要针对私人飞行和公务机运营商应用。

今年6 月,领航150 飞机研制正式获得 中航工业集团立项批复,全面加快了研制进 程。作为世界同类单引擎涡桨飞机中飞得最 快的机型,该型飞机具有结构简单、重量轻、 速度快、安全舒适、经济性好等特点,最高 飞行时速可达600 公里,最大航程可达2500 公里。该机型在结构设计、材料选择上进行 了大胆的尝试和探索,机体全部采用了碳纤 维复合材料,显著地改善了性能指标;友好 的人机界面、先进的航电系统、便于操作的 驾纵机构,配以高品质的内饰,如舒适的真 皮座椅、阻碍噪音的蜂窝夹层、满足高空飞 行的增压座舱等都体现了航空科技和现代美 学的完全交融,能够很好地满足高端客户的 需求。

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