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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Center Located in Nanjing



The Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Center invested by the Asia Link Group Inc. is located at the Nanjing Lukou Aviation Industrial Park. The project was expected to take up an area of 100 mu with an estimated investment of 1 billion Yuan. When the center is established at the end of 2014, flight students will no longer need to go abroad to receive helicopter flight training, but can wholly complete all programs by utilizing simulators in Nanjing

由北京联亚集团投资的国内首家直升机模 拟飞行器培训中心,落户南京禄口航空产业园。 该项目初定占地100 亩,预计投资10 亿元。 2014 年底建成后,培训直升机驾驶员不用再跑 到国外,在南京就可以通过模拟飞行器完成全 部训练教程。

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