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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Largest Domestic Unmanned



A V750, an unmanned helicopter capable of carrying a payload of 80 kg, has been delivered to the Shandong Provincial Department of Land & Resources. This helicopter is the largest unmanned helicopter made in China. Currently, the unmanned helicopter is being produced in Weifang, Shandong.

The V750 helicopter has an exterior “water-drop” appearance which can reduce the wind resistance of the helicopter when flying. The helicopter has a strong reduced noise performance, can fly as high as 3,000 meters with a cruising speed of 161 km/h and a ground control height of 150 km. The helicopter is jointly developed by Weifang Tianxiang Aviation Industrial Co., Ltd., AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute, CETC-10 and other enterprises.

The helicopter has passed the application tests for surveying and drawing missions and other flight missions, which means that the helicopter has meet the requirements of geologic hazard investigation, forest fire fighting, oceanographic remote sensing, urban planning, power line inspection, emergency and disaster relief, aerial photography and flight duties.

近日,一架有效载荷达80 公斤的V750 无人 直升机交付山东省国土部门,这是迄今为止中国 企业生产的最大无人直升机。目前,这一无人机 已在山东潍坊实现批量生产。

V750 无人机具有滴水形外观设计,飞行阻力 较小,抗扰动性能强,最高可飞行至3000 米高 度,最大巡航速度每小时161 公里,地面控制距 离150 公里。这款无人机由潍坊天翔航空工业有 限责任公司、中航工业西安飞行自动控制研究所、 中国电子科技集团公司第十研究所等单位共同研 制完成。

通过与测绘等任务设备的应用测试,表明这 一无人直升机很好地满足了地质灾害调查、森林 防火、海洋遥感、城市规划、电力巡线、抢险救 灾和空中摄影等任务要求。

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