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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Beijing Police's New Medium Helicopter Succeeds in Maiden Flight



In late October, thedelivery ceremony of amedium sized helicopterbought by the flight fleet of the People's Governmentof Beijing Municipality washeld at the Police FlightBase in the Changping district. Ji Lin, DeputySecretary-General of thePeople's Governmentof Beijing Municipality and Fu Zhenghua, policecommissioner of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, both attended the ceremony andunveiled the newly bought helicopter.

The medium helicopter has not only been equipped with the normal units that are typically equipped with other police helicopters, but has also been equipped with the Sky Eye towed bird system to achieve wireless transmission of Digital HD images with ultra-red function. By operating this system, the flight crew can transmit real-time HD images taken aerially to the ground control center so as provide information and images to the center for controlling support the ground situation.

10 月底,北京市人民政府航空队(北京市公安局警务航空总队)新购中型直升机交接首飞仪式在位于昌平的警航基地举行。市委副书记、政法委书记吉林,市委常委、市公安局局长傅政华出席并共同为新购直升机揭彩。


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