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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Southwest China's First Militia Helicopter Emergency Response Team



The mission of this newly establishedmilitia helicopter emergency response teamistoconductaero-medical evacuations, aerial investigations,disaster reconnaissance, aerialphotography, emergency rescue and other contingency missions. Currentlythere are three helicopters, an EC135,an EC120 and a B3E as well as 18 pilotsand a maintenance crew that includes 16 personnel.

This is Southwest China's first militia helicopter emergency rescue team composed completely by private helicopters. The militia emergency rescue team will enlarge its service area and will join the PAFD of Guanghan and other organizations involved in order to launch a series of emergency response plans, establish an emergency command mechanism for natural disasters and to conduct well-targeted drills.

该“民兵直升机分队” 的任务是在地震、火灾、防 汛等抢险救灾行动中主要 担负空中医疗救护、空中侦 查、灾情勘查、空中航拍 和应急救援等空中应急任 务。目前分队拥有EC135、 EC120、小松鼠B3e 等3 种 机型的直升机各1 架,飞行 员18 名、机务维修人员16 名。

这是西南地区第一支依托私人直升机编组起来的民兵直升机应急分队。 该民兵应急分队还将拓展遂行任务区域范围,会同 广汉市人武部等有关部门研究制定一系列紧急抢险 预案,建立自然灾害应急指挥机制,开展针对性演 练。

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