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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012




An Air Operator Certificate Issuing and Commencement Ceremony was held at the Handan Airport in mid-January in honor of the Hebei Zhiyuan General Aviation Company. Zengyong Li , the administrator of the Hebei Administration of Work Safety, personally issued the certificate.

Hebei Zhiyuan General Aviation Company is the first non-state company to be invested in the city of Qinhuangdao, in the Hebei Province, or even around the North China Region, and is registered as a Category I General Aviation Company, formed completely in accordance with Part 141 of the CCAR’s Pilot Schools Certification Regulations. Hebei Zhiyuan has accepted as the base of its operational responsibilities, the following airports: Handan, Beidaihe, and Qinhuangdao Gold Coast. Handan Airport already has 5 flight instructors, 5 aircraft maintenance workers, and 3 air traffic management workers trained and ready in preparation of its opening. The company ordered 12 trainer aircraft, and 1 corporate jet, of which 4 DA40 trainers, 1 twin-engine DA42, and 1 Cessna172R propeller-driven aircraft have already been delivered to the Handan Airport.

1 月中旬,河北致远通用航 空公司运行合格证颁发及开飞 仪式在邯郸机场举行,民航河 北监管局局长李增永为公司颁 发运行合格证。

该公司是秦皇岛市首家正 规民营企业投资的综合性通用 航空公司,也是河北省乃至华 北地区第一家完全按照民航第 141 部标准开展筹建的甲类通用 航空公司。该公司以邯郸机场、 北戴河机场、黄金海岸通用机 场作为飞行基地。目前,邯郸 机场飞行基地已准备就绪,5 名 飞行教员、5 名机务维修人员、 3 名空中管制人员均已到位。12 架教练机和1 架公务机已完成 订购,其中4 架钻石DA40 教练 机、1 架钻石D42 双发飞机和1 架塞斯纳172R 螺旋机已入驻邯 郸飞行基地交付使用。

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