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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012


运12 飞机预投产量翻一番 目前已售出180 余架


The sale of 14 Y-12 series aircraft in the year 2012 hit a new annual record. The Y-12 is independently developed by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Co. Ltd., a division of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

The Y-12 series aircraft were first produced in the 1980s. It is China's first multi-purpose light aircraft strictly produced within the requirements of international airworthiness regulations. After 30 years experience in the development, the multiple configurations are considered to be among the great positive features of the Y-12 series.

As China released policies intended to boost its general aviation industry, executives of Harbin had the foresight to sense new trends in the general aviation market, while also increasing their marketing efforts. Furthermore, the company took full advantage of various meetings and aircraft exhibitions, by attending, and then making presentations to promote the popularity of the Y-12 series aircraft, in the hopes of attracting new potential buyers.

As one of China's earliest and most exported aircraft, the Y-12 series aircraft have been exported to over 20 countries and regions. A total of 180 Y-12 aircraft have been sold to Chinese and overseas buyers.

2012 年,中国航空工业集团公司(简称“中航工业”)哈尔滨飞 机工业集团有限责任公司(简称“哈飞”)自主研制生产的运12 系列 飞机销售创下14 架机的历史新高。

运12 系列飞机诞生于上世纪80 年代初,是我国第一款严格按国 际适航条例研制的轻型多用途飞机。经过近30 年的发展,运12 系列 已形成一机多型、系列发展的良好态势。

随着我国加快通用航空产业发展等相关政策的出台,哈飞敏锐地 察觉到市场的新动态,主动出击,加大营销力度。另外,哈飞充分利 用各级展会,加大宣传力度,扩大运12 系列飞机的知名度,吸引潜在 用户。

作为我国出口最早、出口量最大的机型,运12 系列飞机已外销20 余个国家和地区,国内外共售出180 余架机。

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