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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

79 GA Enterprises Will Receive Subsidies of 210 Million Yuan in 2014



In early December, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) released its subsidy policies for general aviation in 2014, which plan to provide subsidies amounting to 210 million yuan to 79 domestic general aviation (GA) companies.

In 2013, the CAAC provided subsidies amounting to 390 million yuan to 65 domestic GA companies. The second round of subsidies to China’s GA companies shows that policies supporting the industry are being well implemented, and are poised for success.

This subsidy policy is based on the “Interim Regulation on the Administration of Special Funds for Developing General Aviation”, which is the first regulation on the development of the GA industry in China. The regulation specified that a special fund for developing GA shall be allocated from the Civil Aviation Development Fund, and shall be used to subsidize GA operations, GA pilot training and the setup of GA facilities and equipment. Each GA company can apply for its subsidy once a year by providing related testimonial material to the CAAC.

GA is an important component of civil aviation. It is of great importance to expanding domestic demands, providing basic aviation services, and constructing an integrated traffic and transportation system. Due to its weak foundation, sparse investments and lack of attention, China’s GA industry falls far behind the development of the transportation aviation industry.

To support GA, in Dec. 2012, the CAAC, along with the Ministry of Finance of the PRC, formulated the “Interim Regulation on Administration of Special Fund for Developing General Aviation”, in which it is planned that a certain amount of funds be appropriated from the Civil Aviation Development Fund toward supporting GA companies that conduct GA operations such as pilot training and the setup of GA facilities and equipment.

The CAAC plans to continually improve its GA subsidy policy, supplementing and revising it in a timely manner, and developing its policy guidelines. The policies will guide and support GA at all levels, so as to promote the sustained and sound growth and progress of GA in China.

12 月上旬,民航局官网公布《关于2014年通用航空专项资金使用方案的公示》。公示显示,民航局对符合条件的 79家通航企业补贴2.1亿元。






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