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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

West China's First Private GA



9 月下旬,四川西林凤腾通用航空有限公司(简 称“西林凤腾”)正式成立,标志着西部地区有了 第一家私人投资经营的通用航空公司。

西林凤腾于2011 年5 月获得民航局批复筹建, 注册资金5000 万元,目前已订购欧洲直升机公司 EC135 一架、EC120 两架、施瓦泽300C 四架,共 计7 架直升机。投资规模、机型层次均处于西部领 先地位。

广汉市市委书记毛君甫介绍,发展通用航空产 业是“十二五”期间广汉地方经济的重点布局。去 年11 月,广汉市政府与中国民航飞行学院、欧洲 直升机公司、西林凤腾签署联合协议,打造航空科 教、航空制造和航空维修等多位一体的产业集群。 依托于飞行学院在人才、技术和国际合作方面的优 势,以西林凤腾为代表的民营资本得以进入通航产 业,通过引入欧直先进设备,发展、壮大广汉地区 的通用航空产业。

In late September, the Sichuan Xilin Fengteng General Aviation Company Limited (Xilin Fengteng GA) was officially formed, which signifies the establishment of the first Private GA enterprise in west China.

The Xilin Fengteng General Aviation Company Limited was approved by the CAAC in May, 2011. The registered capital of the company is 50 million Yuan. Now the company has ordered seven helicopters, including one EC135, two EC120s and four Schwarzer 300C. The investment scale and the level of the planes are both in leading positions.

Mao Junfu, the Secretary of the Guanghan Municipal Committee of the CPC stated that the development of the GA industry is a key step for Guanghan's local economy during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period. In November of last year, the Guanghan Government and the Civil Aviation Flight University of China, Eurocopter S.A. and Xilin Fengteng GA signed a joint agreement to create an industrial park that contains aviation technology education, aviation manufacturing and aviation maintenance & repair. Depending on the Civil Aviation Flight University of China's advantages in human resources, technologies and international cooperation, the nonstate capitals, with Xilin Fengteng GA as a representative, can enter into the general aviation industry. Xilin Fengteng GA will introduce Eurocopter S.A.'s advanced equipment to develop, expand and strengthen the general aviation industry in the Guanghan region.

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